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If you haven’t heard of Square yet, I’m sorry. Square for restaurants could very easily transform your restaurant in less than 10 days – its that impressive.

Square – The Company

Square entered the market with a simple idea – make it easy for anyone to accept credit cards with a little white square that plugged into your phone’s headphone jack which you could then swipe credit cards and charge the card inside the Square app. The company has grown into a publicly traded company worth over $6.5 Billion. Its not that surprising though, Jack Dorsey, the same guy that brought us Twitter founded Square. Anyways enough background…..

Square offers flat-rate credit card fees for merchants, no monthly fees as well as many free features included when you process credit cards with Square. As Square has grown, they have built out solutions specific to industries that have either been underserved or oversold. Enter Square for restaurants – loaded with major features that restaurants big and small come to expect of a restaurant point of sale.

Square for Restaurants

Square Point of Sale app/service includes the following features for restaurants free when you process cards with them:

  • Process Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express (*All one flat rate)
  • Tipping by percentage or custom amount
  • Manually-enter credit cards
  • Adjustable tax settings
  • Employee PIN access (iPad only)
  • Record cash, checks, gift cards, other with note
  • Customer signature and tip on paper receipt (iPad only)
  • Receipts via connected receipt printer
  • Tip and sign on paper (iPad only)
  • Free Square Readers for staff
  • Custom amount entry
  • Toggle signature on/off under $25.00
  • Issue full or partial refunds
  • Loyalty programs and rewards
  • Accept online orders for pickup
  • Customer signature and tip on device
  • Digital receipts via text message or email
  • Re-send receipts
  • Apply discounts
  • Offline Mode

Overall, compared to high investment point of sale systems, Square stands alone. Not only will you have better insights into your business but your employees and your customers will love the system as well. Paying a flat-rate for credit card payment processing, for most restaurants, is a huge advantage with most merchants charging fees on top of fees and random monthly costs.

The great looking square hardware ( iPad / Android Tablet Sold Separately )

You can sign up for a free account and test drive all of the features Square has to offer. Again, you’re only charged when you process payments.

Click Here and Check out Square – its worth it.

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