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Finding quality restaurant equipment can be a difficult task. Finding quality restaurant equipment at an affordable is sometimes an impossibility. Here at Restaurant Stuff, we consider it our job to provide our readers with useful and reliable information. As far as we know, there is only one reliable and online store that you can count on every time – WebstaurantStore.

Square for Restaurants

If you haven’t heard of Square yet, I’m sorry. Square for restaurants could very easily transform your restaurant in less than 10 days – its that impressive. Square – The Company Square entered the market with a simple idea – make it easy for anyone to accept credit cards with a little white square that plugged into your phone’s headphone jack which you could then swipe credit cards and charge the card inside the Square app. The company has grown into a publicly traded company worth over $6.5 Billion. Its not that surprising though, Jack Dorsey, the same guy that brought us Twitter founded Square. Anyways enough background…..

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