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re:order Restaurant Marketing & AdvertisingWhen it comes to marketing and advertising your restaurant, it may be the most important decision you make. Every dollar counts and staying in front of customers and reaching new ones can be very expensive. That’s where re:order is changing the way restaurants advertise and market your restaurant online. Their approach is not only effective, but it is the most affordable solution we have found.

re:order restaurant marketing takes a new approach to an old agency model. Instead of charging a management fee or taking a portion of the budget, they prefer an all-inclusive pricing model. One flat fee per month includes an array of different advertising for your restaurant. The best part about it, they offer a 30-day money back guarantee if what they promise isn’t met.

Here are the plans that re:order offers:

Standard: Includes Proximity Advertising and Facebook Ads

Advanced: Includes Proximity Advertising, Facebook Ads, and Listing Engine

Premier: Includes Proximity Advertising, Facebook Ads, Listing Engine, Email Dispatch, and re:engagement Ads

So what are all of those services? We reached out to re:order and they provided us a little insight as to what exactly these services are.

Proximity Advertising is geographic targeting based on restaurant location and where your best customers might be in relation to your restaurant. re:order then targets that area with banner ads, videos, search keywords related to your restaurant.

Facebook Ads don’t really require much explanation. They simply advertise your business on Facebook to people around your business as well as people who already like your page to keep your restaurant top of mind.

Listing Engine is a service that re:order wasn’t ready to go into much detail about, however, they did tell us that it is similar to other ‘listing services’ but with a more technical approach to deeper benefits in regards to organic search ranking as well as ‘posts’ that are updated as often as necessary e.g. specials, promotions, and events.

Email Dispatch periodically emails customers based on their behavior both inside your restaurant as well as on your restaurant’s website.

re:engagement Ads were explained as the real missing link for restaurants when it comes to marketing and advertising online. The goal is to stay in front of customers who have already taken an action at your restaurant and serve ads specific to their experience to bring them back, write reviews, engage on social media and other actions that re:order wasn’t willing to share with us.

Here at Restaurant Stuff, we appreciate re:order taking the time to answer a few questions about their service. We can honestly say that it was refreshing having a company be so upfront about their pricing and their goals. The two founders we spoke with seemed very genuine in their goals. One, in fact, owns a pizzeria in Michigan and was very adamant about this being a company that is transparent and stands behind its work when it comes to marketing and advertising restaurants.

We definitely recommend you take a look at what they have to offer and give them a try, they are doing things differently for a reason and we like the idea behind it.

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